Cosmology / Powers and Deities / Dramatis Personae /
Rules and Mechanics / Character Creation / Equipment

For over a thousand years, the twilight city of Nexus has floated in the endless void between the mortal worlds. Ruled over by an almost mythical God-King and his concubines, it has served has a secret and neutral gateway to each of the mortal worlds. Those in the know have used Nexus as a bastion, a refuge in their travels across the material plane, confident in the safety that the unassailable might of its rulers provide.

Now, mysterious forces are moving in the shadows and threaten to shatter this carefully tended peace and thrust Nexus into war.

Worldwalker makes use of a custom, d20 system that has eliminated character classes and character levels entirely. Rather than relying on a class/level system, this system functions on an entirely “a la carte” basis in which players spend experience points to directly increase particular mechanical aspects of their characters.


Cosmology – A complete detailing of all of crystal spheres, planes, regions, and other realms in the known universe.

Powers and Deities – A detailing of all of the gods, demon lords, and similar entities throughout the known universe.

Dramatis Personae – A detailing of the major player and non-player characters encountered by the group throughout the universe.

Rules and Mechanics – A detailing of the customized d20 rule system used in the Worldwalker campaign setting.

Character Creation – A detailed walk-through of the process for creating a character in the Worldwalker campaign setting.

Equipment – A detailed listing of magical and mundane equipment and spelljamming vessels.


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