You gain a wracking cough that spews dust and small stones from your mouth. This coughing prevents you from casting any spells that have verbal components. While bound to Asmodeus, you can resist the urge to cough for a number or rounds equal to your Endurance. Thereafter, you cough for a round and then can try to resist the urge again.


When influenced by Asmodeus, you speak forthrightly and with confidence. You cannot use the Deception skill, and when asked a direct question, you must answer truthfully and directly.

Granted Abilities:

Earth and Air Mastery: You gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls if both you and your foe are touching the ground. Any airborne foe takes a -1 penalty on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls against you.

Earthshaking Step: As a complex action, you can stomp on the ground, causing every creature within 10 feet of you that is either standing or climbing on a surface connected to the ground to make a Reflex save or fall prone. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds. You and your summoned elemental (see below) are never knocked prone by the use of this ability.

Elemental Companion: You can summon an earth elemental to accompany you and fight for you. This creature obeys your commands to the best of its ability. If the elemental is more than 30 feet away from you at the end of your turn, it dissolves. If you lose your elemental to dissolution or destruction, you cannot summon it again for 1 hour. This elemental is in all other respects identical to an earth elemental summoned using the Summon talent.

Fear Immunity: You have immunity to fear from both magical and mundane sources.

True Speech: You can speak, understand, read, and write all languages spoken by creatures within 30 feet of you. To use an unfamiliar language, you must hear it spoken and see the speaker. Once you have used it, you can continue to do so for as long as your pact with Asmodeus lasts. When speaking or writing in a language with which you are not familiar, you cannot lie.


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