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Corvus Aeternitatis

Noteworthy Bloods

The crew of the spelljamming vessel that carries the player characters on their journeys throughout the cosmos.
Rodan Jones

Men, women, and … things … that the player characters have encountered along their adventures. Be they friend or foe, these bloods have some role to play.

Organizations of Note

There are many organizations operating throughout the multiverse. These are some of the most notable due to their influence in their spheres of operation. The player characters must be particularly wary in their dealings with these organizations.

The Concubines of the God-King The Factions of Sigil The Bale Syndicate

The concubines serve the God-King in all things. They are his eyes and ears throughout Nexus and the mortal worlds. They are his voice in public and they take action to secure his interests and the interests of Nexus.

While the Lady of Pain is considered the ultimate ruler of the planar metropolis called Sigil, the Factions perform virtually all the actual administrative and practical functions of the city. They are the ones the people look to for authority; the Lady only gives edicts or appears personally under rare circumstances.

A multiple sphere-spanning criminal organization based out of Nexus. The syndicate has fingers throughout Nexus and branches on most prime worlds. They are lead by a trio of highly secretive tiefling siblings from whom the syndicate takes its name.

The Knights of Solamnia The Veiled Alliance The Knights of Neraka

The Knights of Solamnia were once the greatest order of chivalry in all the history of Krynn. This historic organization was founded in 1775 PC, by a human named Vinas Solamnus, a noble warrior visited by the gods Paladine, Kiri-Jolith, and Habbakuk, the patron gods of the Knighthood. Now their entire way of life shifts in precarious balance between the Code of Honor and the truth of what the world has become.

The Veiled Alliance is a secret society that protects spellcasters who choose the path of the preserver. The cabal has cells throughout the Tyr Region, mostly in the city-states. Each cell operates independently, with no central authority to answer to. Leaders of each cell oversee the training of warriors, spys, and other agents – especially those who use arcane power.

The Dark Knights are bound by honor dictated by the Blood Oath and the Code, a set of laws modeled after the Oath and the Measure of the Solamnic Knights. Strict discipline, obedience and above all absolute loyalty to the order are required of all knights. Personal considerations must come secondary, and the knight must be prepared to sacrifice whatever is necessary.

The Order of Whispers The Vigil The Durmand Priory

The Order of Whispers is a secretive ancient Elonian order. They work behind the scenes to safeguard the world against the rise of the Elder Dragons and free and restore the troubled Elona. Its members, often spies, thieves and agents, operate within every Tyrian nation sometimes to the highest levels.

The Vigil is a military order dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons and their minions by force of arms. They believe that the only way to defeat the Elder Dragons is to unite the races of Tyria and to face the minions of the Elder Dragons wherever they appear. They intend to be an army of light against the onslaught of darkness.

Durmand Priory is a scholarly order dedicated to protecting knowledge and lore. Named for the monastery which houses their archives, and in turn for the monastery’s founder Durmand, members of the Durmand Priory offer services as advisors, tutors and chroniclers across Tyria.

Dramatis Personae

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