God-King of the Nexus

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Ever since the Nexus sprang into being at the center of the shattered wreckage of the planet once known as Oerth over a thousand years ago, the mysterious being known only as the God-King has ruled over the crystalline city. It is said that is will alone sustains the portals that allow travels access to the planes as well as the impossible habitability of a closed city floating in the void. No living mortal has laid eyes on the God-King save for his concubines, who act as his eyes, ears, and hands throughout the city and the cosmos.

Many rumors circulate throughout the city and the universe about the true nature of the God-King. Some remark upon the similarity his city and mysterious nature holds to the Lady of Pain and speculate as some relationship between the two ineffable powers. Others comment upon his sudden emergence in the wake of the apocalyptic events that destroyed Oerth and argue that he is either responsible for, or what created by those events. Finally, there are some who believe that the God-King does not, in fact, exist at all and is myth propagated by the concubines to give their reign over the city legitimacy.

Whatever the truth may be, the God-King and his place in the cosmos cannot be ignored.

God-King of the Nexus

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