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Ilsensine is the patron deity of the illithids, though not their creator. It is also the patron of evil mages and psionicists who dominate the minds of others. Its true appearance is as a disembodied brain of emerald color that trails countless ganglion-like tentacles. Ilsensine is cold and calculating, using magic and its psionic strength in a merciless combination to manipulate events as it sees fit. It uses its psionics to gather information as well, pulling it from the minds of all mortals within the Prime Material Plane and beyond.

Few of those, who cultivate the discipline of the mind known as psionics ever deal with the horrible creatures knows as ‘illithids’. Even fewer have ever spoken to an illithid priest or even an Elder Brain. And none beside me have found out the terrible truth underlying that accursed race. The truth, you see, is that Ilsensine does not exist. Not yet anyway. One unfortunate day there will be a gathering of minds, a conclave of every single illithid, ulitharid, elder brain and whatever new forms have come into being. From this gathering will arise the entity that will name itself Ilsensine. Even while their crude physical bodies will rot away, all that is illithid will merge into one point of consciousness, the very apex of their evolution. Power and knowledge beyond all that the universe has ever known will be concentrated within that final singularity of thought. Truly, we are lucky that our lives are so short, for these dreadful events shall come to pass at a time, when the stars of the Prime have already dimmed, when the fogs of the Ethereal are being drained away and the Outer Planes are collapsing in upon themselves. When the End is coming. – Sirrash the Farsighted

Indeed, the god of the illithids, Ilsensine, is the omega point of their race. It is all that they are, it is all that they once were. It is all that they can ever become. Every single action taken by the lowliest mindflayer, all scheming of the Elder Brains, all evolution in mind and body leads to that ultimate moment, when the entirety of illithid existence becomes one, when all potential is realized, when at last omnipotence is more than just a word.

Of course the crude brain matter as the illithids of the present possess is far below the awesome singularity of thought that is Ilsensine. A being of pure thought, like one would find on the astral, only incredibly more advanced. A cosmos of consciousness bound within an infinitely small point, transcending the bounds of the Multiverse itself. Ilsensine exists Outside, in the Far Realm, where no laws of the bound cosmos apply, where existence itself is a matter of perception. Why would it adhere to the primitive notion of brain and physicality in that place? No, ordered into fractal patterns of thought soaring through infinite dimensions Ilsensine exists there, twisting the nature of the mad Unbound to serve as matrix for itself.

Only Ilsensine’s existence on the exterior of time itself explains, how the illithids of today can know of it, pray to it, and, perversely, receive guidance from it. The godbrain’s power reaches any point in time, for the Flow holds no meaning to it. And thus it has created for itself a representation on the planes. The ‘Caverns of Thought’ planars call the place, where It touches the Inside, where the great deception resides, the ‘god’ claiming to be Ilsensine. It is the medium through which the illithids were brought into being, through which the laws of the cosmos are subverted and used against itself.


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