Knights of Solamnia

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Notable Members
Linsha Majere

The Knighthood of Solamnia is the enforcing arm of the good. Its goals are not so much to win more land and glory for good, but to stem the rising tide of evil on Ansalon. The knights are the main force for chivalry, law, and goodness on this continent, and they constantly seek to keep the people aware of the knightly ideals.

The Oath and the Measure

The organization of the Knights has not changed substantially in the last 1,800 years. The Knights subscribe to two codes: The Oath and the Measure. The Oath is simply: “Est Sularus oth Mithas”—“My Honor is My Life.” The Measure is an extensive set of codes, many volumes in length, the purpose of which is to define “honor.” The Measure is complicated and exacting, consisting of thirty-seven 300-page volumes.

The Organization of the Knighthood

The Knights are led by the Grand Master, who sits in judgement on matters of importance to the Knights and, subsequently, the nation of Solamnia as a whole. Below him are three posts: the High Warrior, the High Clerist, and the High Justice, each representing the three major Orders of the Knights. They are, according to the Measure, the embodiments of honor, Wisdom, and Loyalty. All three rule the entire knighthood jointly, though they govern the tree orders of Solamnia.

There are three orders of knights. All knights start out as Squires of the Crown. After they actually achieve knighthood, they may move onto the Order of the Sword if they meet certain requirements. After they reach a certain skill level as a Knight of the Sword, some few may move onto the Order of the Rose.

Each order has a specific Virtue, which the knights must study and adhere to:

Knights of the Crown – This is a training order. Along with general knighthood training, Knights of the Crown study they Virtue of Loyalty. This is the least demanding order.
Knights of the Sword – Knights who wish to enter the Order of the Sword must first complete a quest. This is the most popular order. The Virtue of the Order of the Sword is Honor.
Knights of the Rose – Knights who wish to enter the Order of the Rose must go before a council and relate tales of himself and his family. The political power of the Knights rests within the Order of the Rose. The Virtue of the Order of the Rose is Justice.

The three Orders of the Knights of Solamnia are named the Rose (honor), the Sword (wisdom), and the Crown (loyalty). Squires accepted into the Knights of Solamnia enter under the Order of the Crown, learning the laws and codes of loyalty first. They then must demonstrate their acceptance of the codes of that Order before progressing to the Order of the Sword. Entry into the Order of the Rose, the highest-ranked order, can be attained only by nobility; however, this rule has become more lenient in recent years.

Before the Cataclysm, the Knights of Solamnia were the greatest order of chivalry in Ansalon. Between the Cataclysm and the War of the Lance, the knights became reviled and scorned by the people for their inability or unwillingness to combat the Cataclysm. After the War of the Lance, the Solamnic Knights regained their status. They sought to revive their code of honor and apply it to new Ansalon.

Knights of Solamnia

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