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Overview of Nightspace

Nightspace is a heliocentric sphere consisting of three planets that orbit the primary celestial body, a white dwarf star named Kythos. The sphere takes its name from the fact that the only major habitable world, Ilia, is locked in a state of permanent solar eclipse.

Worlds of Nightspace


Kythos is the primary body of Nightspace. It is a white dwarf star. It is 30 spelljamming days from the sphere wall.


Orox is the closest planet to Kythos. It is a small, volcanic world that is too close to the star to be habitable by anything other than denizens of the plane of elemental fire. Orox is 5 spelljamming days from Kythos and 25 spelljamming days from the sphere wall.


Ilia is the second planet from Kythos. It is the only significantly populated planet in Nightspace. It is orbited by a single moon known as the Blind Eye that orbits at precisely the speed necessary to cause a permanent solar eclipse on Ilia. The planet is inhabited by a number of races that have adapted to life in the perpetual night and twilight. Ilia is 15 spelljamming days from both Kythos and the sphere wall.

  • The Blind Eye: The moon of Ilia is one spelljamming day from the planet.


Shorez is the third planet from Kythos. It is an air giant with no landmasses, thus making it completely uninhabitable. Three moons orbit the planet with only one being habitable by any kind of lifeform. Shorez is 25 spelljamming days from Kythos and 5 spelljamming days from the sphere wall.

  • Primus: Primus is the closest moon to Shorez. It is uninhabitable and one spelljamming day from the planet.
  • Secundus: Secundus is Shorez’s second moon. It has a breathable atmosphere and is home to various types of non-intelligent fauna. The Scro have established a small enclave on Secundus that they use as a base of operations for the spheres located in the Maelstrom. Secundus is 2 spelljamming days from Shorez.
  • Tertius: Tertius is Shorez’s third moon. It is uninhabitable and is 3 spelljamming days from the planet.

Inhabitants of Nightspace

Ships of Nightspace


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