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Spelljamming is the conversion of magical energy into motive force for ships in space. Spelljamming can be accomplished either by spells or through a magical device known as the spelljammer helm. Users of both arcane and divine magic can spelljam.

The spelljammer helm is a device formed like a great chair, with recesses for the head, feet, and arms of the person using it. The styles of helms vary from simplistic and functional to ornate and gothic. In all its configurations, the helm is designed to pull magical energies from the user and convert them into full-fledged spelljammer power to move and maneuver space ships.

Humanoid spellcasting races normally use spelljammer helms to travel through space. Other creatures use a variety of methods to propel their ships. For example, mind flayers, who have powerful psionic abilities, use several specially designed helms in series while beholders use a mutated version of their race known as an orbus to move.


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