The Seventh Sea

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Many planes have seas, but if a cutter sails far enough he may sometimes find himself completely lost. This, in fact, is the Seventh Sea planar pathway; a state of being so far from land in any direction that any way is effectively the same. Remember, cutter, that the Outer Planes (bar a couple) don’t have stars or compass points to direct a lost sailor.

When you’re this lost, it’s the hopes and expectations of the ship’s crew that guide the vessel through the Seventh Sea of the Astral (which ain’t real water as much as the condensed dreams of a billion sleeping primes), and to the destination the crew most want to reach.

There are a number of planar seas that can be reached in the manner; seven destinations are currently known, and it’s likely there may be more. The Silver Sea of Mount Celestia is connected (but only when fog banks or silvery spray obscure the infinite mountain), the Blood Oceans of the Abyss, the Ice Floes of Baator, the Brave Ocean on Ysgard, Thalasia on Elysium, the largest lakes of Arborea, and certain prime worlds when the planes are aligned in the right conjunction…

The Seventh Sea

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