Bind Vestige

Prerequisite: Conjuration 1
Benefit: By employing a short ritual, you can contact an otherworldly spirit called a vestige and make a pact with it. To contact a vestige, you must draw its unique seal visibly on a surface (generally on the ground), making the image at least 5 feet across. Drawing a seal requires the ability to mark a surface and 10 consecutive rounds of concentration, and the act provokes attacks of opportunity. A seal not used within 1 minute of its drawing loses all potency, and you must draw a new one to contact the vestige.

Once the seal is draw, you must perform a ritual requiring a full-round action to summon the corresponding vestige. During this time, you must touch the seal and call out to the vestige using both its name and its title. The ritual fails if you cannot be heard. Otherwise, a manifestation of the vestige appears in the seal’s space as soon as you finish the ritual. This image is not the actual vestige; it is merely a figment—an illusion that cannot harm or be harmed by any creature. Creatures that interact with the image or study it carefully automatically recognize it as illusory. The summoned image ignores everyone but you, and if you fail to address it for 1 round, it disappears whence it came. The vestige speaks in whatever language you used to call it.

To make a pact with you summoned vestige, you must make a binding check (1d20 + Conjuration + Charisma). This process requires 1 minute, but you can choose to make a rushed binding check as a full-round action at a -10 penalty. The DC for this check is provided in the description of each vestige. You must make your perilous pact alone; others cannot aid you in any way.

Whether the binding check succeeds for fails, you gain the powers granted by the vestige for 24 hours. During that time, you cannot rid yourself of the vestige unless you possess the Expel Vestige talent. If you fail the binding check, however, the vestige influences your personality and your actions, and you are said to have made a poor pact. If your binding check is successful, the vestige has no control over your actions and does not influence your personality. In this case, you are said to have made a good pact.

While under the influence of a vestige, you must adhere to its requirements to the best of your ability. If you are conscious and free-willed and you encounter a situation in which you cannot or will not refrain from a prohibited action or perform a required one, you take a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks until that vestige leaves you.

As you as you are bound to a vestige, you manifest a specific physical sign of its presence, as given in its entry. This sign is real, not an illusory or shapechanging effect, and someone using true seeing perceives it just as it is. You can hide a sign by mundane or magical means without penalty.

The vestige is bound to your soul by the pact. It cannot be targeted or expelled by any means except the Expel Vestige talent, or can it be suppressed.

The DC for saving throws against any supernatural powers granted by a vestige is 10 + half your skill rank + your Charisma.

The following is a list of vestiges and their pact DCs:

Vestige Binding DC
Asmodeus 27
Astaroth 26
Amon 25
Baal 35
Beleth 30
Belial 20
Haagenti 22
Aka Manah 27
Kronos 30
Saminga 30
Valefor 40
Vapula 30

Bind Vestige

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