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The second layer of the Nine Hells is a burning city of iron. The red glow of infernal heat burns within the scorched iron walls, and a pall of smoke rises up to form a general dark haze over the entire layer. For the city is the layer and the layer is the city, Dis. Some claim that a traveler who walks far enough can leave the city behind, concealed within a great ring of mountains. Ranks of red, glowing buildings extend to every horizon, rising and falling according to the hidden terrain. Palatial mansions of particularly important devils and officers of the Blood War break the cityscape here and there. Every iron wall glows with heat, and casual contact with the walls deals 1d6 points of fire damage. Even the iron cobblestones glow with heat. Without iron-shod boots, visitors soon writhe and burn in the streets. Screaming petitioners, captives from the Blood War, and mortals kidnapped from the Material Plane fill subterranean prisons beneath the streets. The sound of their agonized lament is usually audible from small vents in the city walls. Some sections of the city host markets and bazaars where creatures from a variety of different planes meet. Most seek to buy or sell questionable wares, or hire a bloodthirsty band of mercenaries for work that only a devil could love. Crowds fill the streets. Parades of devilish nobility attended by lemures and horribly sculpted soul shells vie with countless work gangs who constantly sally forth to repair, extend, or remodel the city at the behest of Dispater, Lord of the Second.

The Iron Tower

The Iron Tower is visible from every part of Dis, for it reaches high above the city, piercing the haze of the layer. The tower’s form seems to constantly shimmer and change textures and architectural styles. The Iron Tower is Dispater’s personal redoubt. Within its walls, he enjoys a +20 bonus to his Armor Class, spell resistance, and all saving throws. He is almost invulnerable there, so he rarely ventures forth, preferring to lead through erinyes messengers.


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