Formian Hive Cogs

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The formians build fabulous hive-cities on both faces of a cog they colonize. Each colonized hive-cog holds thousands of workers, warriors, and taskmasters, as well as several dozen or more myrmarchs. However, each cog has only one queen, whose commands are absolute law on the hive cog. Other queens rule other cogs. Usually two queens cooperate with each other, unless each wishes to colonize the same cog, in which case the law of the formians demands warfare. If a queen chooses to colonize a cog by sending a contingent guarding a precious queen larva, she is not swayed if other creatures already reside there. After all, what are warriors for, if not to make a cog ready for formian colonization? Luckily, the birth of a fledgling queen from the many eggs laid happens only once every one hundred to one thousand years. Otherwise the formians would hold much more of Mechanus than they already do.

The Center

Travelers who move through the void of Mechanus in the direction from which the formians originate find that the formian-colonized cogs become more and more frequent until noncolonized cogs are nonexistent—millions of cogs, or perhaps more, all crawling with formians. At the heart of the formian realm, surrounded in all directions by colonized cogs, lies the centermost cog where the Scion Queen Mother resides. Formian myrmarchs believe that the Scion Queen Mother’s cog, which has a diameter of at least three thousand miles, is the center cog for all Mechanus and imparts movement to all the other cogs of the plane. Whether true or simply a belief, the grandeur of the two-sided hive-city that covers the surface area of the cog is godly in its splendor. The Scion Queen Mother herself claims the power of an intermediate deity, though this claim is difficult to scrutinize. Thirty-three gargantuan formian queens of maximum advancement attend the Scion Queen Mother at all times, and even her escorts are still dwarfed by the Scion Queen Mother’s bulk.

Formian Hive Cogs

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