Heart of the Void

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The best-known location within one of the major doldrums,Death Heart is an entire spired city constructed within a hollow metal sphere one mile in diameter that drifted in from some long-dead alternate Material Plane. While the exterior of the sphere has a minor negative-dominant trait, its interior is free of the baneful negative energy of theplane. That protection failed to save the city’s inhabitants.

The city was founded as an experimental utopian community. Originally called the Heart of the Void, it wasdesigned by its mysterious masters to be a place untainted by other beings and schools of thought. In reality, it was quickly overrun by the undead, who feasted on the flesh and souls of the students within. Now its towers and plazas are empty except for the undead invaders. Here may be found all varieties of undead, including not only energy-draining creatures such as wraiths, wights, andspectres, but more mundane skeletons, zombies, andmummies. Several liches and powerful vampires claim thissphere as their home.

Rumors carried by the Arcane state that usually the various evil factions within the Heart of the Void are engaged in perpetual war with one another. But now a particularly dangerous individual, a vampiric minotaur, has brokered peace among the factions and has encouraged further research into the nature of the city and the plane itself. The Arcanes believe that the vampiric minotaur’s eventual goal is to steer the city to another plane and use his undead minions to wreak havoc there.

Heart of the Void

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