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The third layer of the Nine Hells is a fetid swamp of mire and pollution. Acidic rain, bitter winds, and flesh-slicing hail rule the bog. The waters of the marsh are so cold in some places that they have iced over. In others, the dank water boils and steams with infernal heat. Terrible creatures with no names swim the murky waters, and even devils fear to stray too far from their various cities. Where the layer is lowest, a constant dribble of slimy water sluices into a long fall down to the fourth layer. Many a lost traveler and petitioner has accidentally been caught up in that long, lethal fall to Phlegethos.

The City of Minauros

This metropolis of devils gives its name to the plane. Minauros is also called The Sinking, because the stony weight of the city is forever slipping beneath the cesspool waters. Only the eternal effort of a stream of petitioners and slaves keeps it from finally succumbing to the swamp, but still, the city sinks a little farther into the mud every year. Ruins below the city are said to contain vast riches. It’s possible that the ruins below represent a town pulled from the outlands millennia ago.

The City of Jangling Hiter

The City of Chains hangs suspended above the bog of Minauros from thick metal links. The city is ruled by kytons. The lowest portions of the city just graze the roiling swamp, but the strength of the chains keeps the mire from drawing Jangling Hiter down where so many other cities have drowned. No one knows to what structure the suspending chains are finally connected, though a good bet is that they somehow pierce the layer boundary and connect to the underside of Dis above. The hail-laden clouds hide the truth of the matter.

Though kytons generally consider each other equal, they often defer to a particularly clever kyton named Quimath. He resides in Panos Qytel, a cathedral-like, triple-towered structure in the heart of Jangling Hiter.


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