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The fourth layer of the Nine Hells is a place of fire and pain much like the Elemental plane of Fire. Rivers of liquid fire rule the land, and the air is consumed with dancing flames—in fact, the layer of Phlegethos has the firedominant trait. Creatures without fire resistance or immunity are soon immolated.


This city of hardened magma, obsidian, and crystal squats in the caldera of an almost extinct volcano. Abriymoch’s foundation is said to be the grave of a deity slain by Asmodeus. The city offers some protection from the fiery environment of the rest of Phlegethos, but even so, certain quarters are open to the raging flame. A legion of more than five thousand hamatula devils resides here, a force kept in reserve should a demonic attack pierce this far into the Nine Hells. A pit fiend named Gazra commands the hamatula devils, but he directly answers to the Lords of the Fourth, Fierana and Belial. They also reside in Abriymoch in a palace of jagged obsidian built on one lip of the caldera.


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