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The fifth layer of the Nine Hells is a realm of cold and ice. Most of the plane is drowned in a sea of crushing ice floes and icebergs. The only open water is the rushing River Styx, though icebergs and fiendish sharks make navigating it quite dangerous. Lightning constantly rips through the sky, so flying creatures are particularly rate except for those that are immune to electricity. Ice floes serve as the foundation for many devilish cities and castles.


Called the City of Ice, Tantlin is the largest city of the layer. Like the smaller cities, it is built on an ice floe, but it has a “harbor” bordering on one side of the nearby River Styx. The city is ruled by a pit fiend, though she rarely stirs from her citadel. This “hands-off” approach leaves the streets to various gangs interested in dispensing their own law at the expense of each other. The gangs are a motley assortment of devils, though a few planar mortals of evil disposition also run with the packs. Despite the disarray in the streets, Tantlin actually serves as a crossplanar trading stop, due to its location on the Styx. The residents of Tantlin can’t long forget the ruler of the layer, Levistus, because he is frozen deep within the heart of an iceberg (Levistus’s Tomb) that floats in the middle of the harbor. Despite his immobility, Levistus is fully aware of the events occurring on his layer, and he is able to telepathically communicate with the other devils of Phlegethos at will within a ten-mile radius.


This underwater realm is accessible from a crack between two icebergs not too far from Tantlin. The icy waters are dark, but that does not bother the sharklike sahuagin who live here. The sea devils cavort in the court of their deity, Sekolah. Awful rites pay homage to the brutal shark deity in which captive devils feature prominently as sacrifices. Sharks of every size and every type constantly roam the waters of Sheyruushk, though both the sharks and sahuagin often swim up into the River Styx. They love to sink River Styx boatmen and merchant craft; Sekolah’s blessing is sufficient to render the raiders immune to the influence of the waters of Styx for a short time.


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