Prerequisites: Conjuration 1
Benefit: Select one creature from the list below. As a full-round action you may summon that creature in an adjacent space, and it persists until it is killed, banished, or dismissed by you. Summoned creatures instantly vanish when you are killed or unconscious. You always summon the same individual for a given species choice, thus you cannot summon multiple creatures of the same species unless you have chosen the option multiple times. A creature returned to its home plane is cured of all conditions but retains its hit point total; such creatures regain hit points in each hour as if they had rested for a day. A summon that is slain requires an additional hour before it begins recovery, and cannot be summoned in this time.

Summoned creatures increase in power as your Conjuration skill improves. For every skill rank you possess, your summoned creatures receive 5 experience points that can be spent to improve their skills and learn talents.

Special: You may select this feat multiple times, adding an additional creature. You may not have more than one creature summoned at a time.

Summoned Creature


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