The Plane of Para-Elemental Ooze

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It’s all mud and slime, a quivering ocher ocean of muck – hardly the place a cutter cares to go. It’s a place of torturous death and exile, too. With a wave of the hand, evil wizard-tyrants send their enemies here to drown, choking on lungfuls of stagnant silt. Kinder souls merely imprison their foes here, sealing them inside bubbles of pure air.

Little relieves the unending ocean of muck. Toward the plane of Earth, the mud grows drier, filled with abrasive grit, and toward Water it thins into rippling silt that a cutter can sometimes swim through. Drifting through it all are blocks of stone and puddles of clear water.

The Paraelemental Plane of Ooze has the following traits.

No Gravity
Mixed earth- and water-dominant
Enhanced magic: Spells and spell-like abilities that use, manipulate, or create earth or water (including spells of the Earth and Water domain) are both empowered and enlarged.
Impeded magic: Spells and spell-like abilities that use or create air or fire (including spells of the Air and Fire domains and spells that summon creatures with the air or fire subtype) are impeded.
Breathing: Creatures naturally able to breathe water are unable to breathe the ooze, so their risk of suffocation as great as anybody else’s. However, any magic effects that let a cutter breathe water (such as the water breathing spell) also enable him to breathe within the ooze.
Movement: Within the elemental ooze, a DC 10 Swim check must be made each round to laboriously wade through the muck. Regardless of movement mode, the speed is halved. The exceptions are incorporeal creatures and creatures of the ooze type; their movement is not hindered in any way.
Vision: Below the surface of the ooze, all sight (including darkvision) is limited to 5 feet. The exception are non-natives (ooze paraelementals and mephits, creatures with the ooze subtype, etc.) who see normally. Above the surface, sight functions normally. There are few natural light sources, but artificial ones function well enough.
Creatures: Black pudding, gray ooze, ochre jelly, ooze mephit, ooze paraelemental, ooze sprite, otyugh, miscellaneous eels and insects.

The Plane of Para-Elemental Ooze

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