The Plane of Quasi-Elemental Mineral

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The plane of Mineral. Iron, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, silver, gold, and more, all pressed up in veins that wrap around each other. All a blood’s got to do is go get it.

Of course, the sod’s got to find a way to move through this crystal world, a world filled with razor edges sharper than a vorpal blade. Even after that, there’s things out there that don’t want a cross-trading rogue to make off with their kip.

The Quasielemental Plane of Mineral has the following traits.

Normal gravity
No elemental or energy traits: Some regions have the minor positive-dominant trait.
Enhanced magic: Spells and spell-like abilities that use, manipulate, or create earth or positive energy (including spells of the Earth domain) are both empowered and enlarged.
Impeded magic: Spells and spell-like abilities that use or create Air or negative energy (including spells of the Air domain and spells that summon creatures with the air or negative subtype) are impeded.
Petrifying: A creature alien to Mineral slowly grinds to a halt and turns to stone. At the conclusion of every week spent on the plane, any non-native must make a Fortitude save (DC 15, +1 per previous check). Failure indicates that the creature is turned to some kind of mineral matter (GM’s choice), effectively petrified.

Breathing: Like Earth, this plane is mostly solid. Travelers who arrive run the risk of suffocation if they don’t reach a cavern or other pocket within the mineral matter.
Movement: Most, if not all open passages on Mineral are lined by sharp crystals that deal 2d4 points of piercing and slashing damage for every 10 feet of movement. A natural armor bonus of +4 or more, or a base armor bonus (without enhancements) of +5 or more negates this damage.
Vision: There are no natural light sources on Mineral, and artificial illumination can sometimes play strange tricks with a berk’s perception, reflecting off the ever-present crystals at odd angles. Sound, on the other hand travels very well; all Listen checks enjoy a +5 circumstance bonus.
Creatures: Crysmal, khargra, mineral mephit, mineral quasielemental, tsnng, xorn.

The Plane of Quasi-Elemental Mineral

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