The Plane of Quasi-Elemental Vacuum

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This plane is the prelude to ultimate death, a glimpse at the fate of the failed petitioner, because this is the plane of Nothing. Leaving the banks of Air, the atmosphere here becomes less and less until there’s nothing – no breath, no light, no sound, no warmth.

The Quasielemental Plane of Vacuum has the following traits.

Subjective directional gravity
No elemental or energy traits: Some regions have the minor negative-dominant trait, or the cold-dominant trait.
Enhanced magic: Spells and spell-like abilities that use, manipulate, or create negative energy are both empowered and enlarged.
Impeded magic: Spells and spell-like abilities that use or create earth or positive energy (including spells of the Earth domains and spells that summon creatures with the earth or positive subtype) are impeded.

Breathing: There’s absolutely nothing to breathe here, so artificial sources are a necessity for most beings. How the lack of atmosphere still allows for a steady pressure and a constant temperature (both fairly very low), no one is quite certain. It just does.
Movement: The single movement mode is provided by the subjective directional gravity trait; natural flight is impossible due to the lack of atmosphere.
Vision: There are no natural light sources on Vacuum, and artificial light sources usually do not function unless they are magical in nature (torches do not burn when there is no air to feed on). However, the effective range of magical sources of illumination is doubled; the same applies to darkvision and low-light vision.
Creatures: Egarus, negatai, undead (incorporeal), vacuous, vacuum quasielemental.

The Plane of Quasi-Elemental Vacuum

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